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Nayenna, 21, Ghent/Genk (prefering the first one), Belgium.
i'm posting whatever i like, whatever makes me laugh without bottling up for the sake of tidiness . being original is more a fallacy as we all try to be. so consider this blog as an emanation of my manic rages, my withholded frailty and moronic wit :) all poured out at your disposal
Lezen is net als liefhebben: een zaak van aanraken en aangeraakt worden

— Christophe Van Gerrewey (via feelingsforsomethinglost)


Painted Animation  of “Vincent Van Gogh”

“Van Gogh Shadow” by Luca Agnani

This curious experiment by Luca Agnani adds movement and lighting effects to thirteen paintings by Vincent van Gogh. You can judge for yourself whether it’s an improvement on van Gogh’s originals.

Watch absolutely this Video: